There is a lot of complex pricing in the market. We are different. A simple answer to a simple question. How much it costs? $500.

All features. All participants.  For all platforms. No gimmicks, no add-ons. No pressure calls. Simply, $500 for a Conference or Corporate Event app.
If you find a comparable feature rich app in the market, with native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets, Amazon Kindle AND for a mobile web for any mobile form factors, please let us know.

Custom App

Your own app published in the store?  Banners for your event sponsors? Contact us for the best prices for mobile apps.

  • Custom logo
  • Zwoor reference removed
  • Analytics Report
  • Sponsor banners
  • Multiple Events discount
  • Corporate directory integration
Advertising Removed

Any size Conference or Corporate Event

  • All Features from previous Tier
  • No advertising
No risk start

Full featured functionality – you can create the full mobile app, with all features, for free. Download up to 10 devices, so you can show your team how it looks. After that, the free version is supported with ads from Apple iAD and Google AdMob. Upgrade later to a “no ad” version, if you want to.

  • Event Schedule
  • Speaker Bios
  • Personalized Calendar
  • Rooms, maps
  • Session Ratings and Comments
  • Twitter and LinkedIn integration
  • Event Alerts
  • Exhibitors “One Touch Connect”
  • Support via e-mail
  • Advertising supported model
  • “Do it yourself” content creation
  • Invite speakers to update content
  • Multiple content editors